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Jason Mertlich: Fighting is a Team Effort

Jason Mertlich likes the number 47.Many believe 47 is the universe’s quintessential random number. It’s a prime, a safe prime, a supersingular prime, a Lucas prime and an Eisenstein prime for starters. It’s also the number of ronin or lordless samurai in the Japanese epic about a warrior’s code of honor. On the periodic table, 47 is the atomic number of silver, the most reflective known metal in the world, whose uses range from currency and jewelry to water filtration and X-rays. So when it came time for the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt to claim ownership of and put ... Read the Full Article Here

Neil Magny on the Drive for Five at UFC 179

Winning streaks are difficult to come by at the top level of MMA, and Neil Magny has earned every step of his.The Ultimate Fighter season 16 alum has had an incredible campaign in 2014 as he’s found victory in all four of his showings in the calendar year. While four wins in a year would be enough for most fighters to stop and appreciate, the 26-year-old Colorado transplant isn’t done yet. He’s going into territory few of his peers have traveled and will get his fifth fight within a 12-month period. Furthermore, he will tie a benchmark if he’s successful in getting his ... Read the Full Article Here

Tweets of the Week - 10/17

  Fashion is Clearly A Work-in-Progress MEMBERS ONLY pic.twitter.com/M0ZzXbSY1d — Joseph Benavidez (@JoeJitsu) October 14, 2014 You've Been Warned! Hall & Oates before wrestling practice. Someone's getting cuddled to death... — russell doane (@RussellDoane135) October 15, 2014 Women are Closet Hippies? Serious question. Why does every woman in the world have s**t like this somewhere in their house? pic.twitter.com/4UO1zWePGG — ike vallie-flagg (@IKEVF) October 16, 2014 A Lot of Training Goes Into It! Closest I get to an MMA fight is flying cross-co ... Read the Full Article Here

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