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UFC 184 Musings - Part One

HAPPY HOLMCOMINGI’ve covered Holly Holm’s career since she held the top spot on female boxing’s pound-for-pound list, so when she came over to MMA full-time, I was obviously intrigued by what she would do if she made it to the UFC. Well, after her win over Raquel Pennington, I think “The Preacher’s Daughter” may have found her home. Was it the most spectacular win in the world? No, but it was the type of victory you want in a debut. Holm showed her skills, left room for improvement, and gutted things out when Pennington made a late run. And while you don&r ... Read the Full Article Here

'Cyborg' Smashes Tweet to Retain Invicta Featherweight Title

With the first shot that landed, Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino got Charmaine Tweet’s attention. Just 46 seconds later, the fight was over.After an 18-month layoff, Justino returned in spectacular fashion at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles Friday night, blasting the Canadian with a straight right hand down the pipe. A second right hand connected and dropped Tweet to the canvas. Follow up blows left her bloodied, and after Justino backed off to let her battered opponent get back to her feet, the ferocious featherweight champion continued her assault, backing Tweet into the fe ... Read the Full Article Here

UFC Statement on motion to dismiss

On February 27, the UFC filed a motion to dismiss the four virtually identical civil antitrust complaints filed against the company. We deny the plaintiffs' factual and legal allegations but they also fail to state any legal claim against the UFC.While UFC vigorously contests the plaintiffs' characterization of the facts, a court deciding a motion to dismiss generally must accept the allegations as true. Even with that high legal standard, UFC's motion demonstrates that UFC competed in lawful ways that helped fighters and built UFC into a premiere organization in the sport of Mixed Martial Art ... Read the Full Article Here

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