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The Downes Side - Fight Night Portland Predictions

Bust out your flannel and ironic mustache boys and girls, it’s time for a Portland edition of The Downes Side. If you’re looking for 100% organic, free range combat, the UFC will have it live from Moda Center. John Dodson and John Lineker, two of the hardest hitting bantamweights in the world, will be slinging some leather in the main event. We’ll analyze that fight and a few more. Grab some single origin coffee, a gluten free bagel and some homemade preserves, it’s fight time!NATE MARQUARDT VS. TAMDAN MCCRORY We begin in the middleweight division, live on UFC FIGHT PAS ... Read the Full Article Here

The Ultimate Fighter 24: Ep. 5 Preview

A massive upset rocked the Ultimate Fighter 24 competition a week ago, as No. 15 seed Eric Shelton pulled off a submission win over No. 2 seed Yoni Sherbatov, showing once again that rankings don't mean anything once the fighters step inside the Octagon together. Shelton showed supreme confidence in the lead up to the fight and it paid off as he hurt Sherbatov several times on the feet before wrapping up the rear naked choke in the second round. Shelton's win also brought Team Benavidez back in the competition after a couple of tough losses early, and now the tournament is only 3-2 in favor o ... Read the Full Article Here

By the Numbers - Fight Night Portland

3Current ranking of John Lineker as a UFC bantamweight10Knockdowns landed by “Hands of Stone” inside the Octagon0Times Lineker has been knocked down across his 11 UFC bouts17Fighters in UFC history have landed 10 or more knockdowns inside the Octagon - Lineker is the only one who has competed at 135 pounds or lighter MORE FROM FIGHT NIGHT PORTLAND: Free Fights - Lineker vs Rivera | Dodson vs Gamburyan | Dodson has one-punch KO power | KO of the Week - Oliveira vs Hallman 1.43Knockdowns per 15 minutes of fighting rate by Lineker, 2nd best a ... Read the Full Article Here

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